Top Albums of 2007

Originally Posted Dec 31st 2007 via blog.myspace/daglovester


Lifehouse ” Who We Are”

– Lifehouse, great band, but upon venturing into this album I really had no expectations. The album opens with “Disarray” and shows you this album is a different one for Lifehouse and also reminds you of how great Jason Wade’s raspy voice truly is. What follows are truly great songs such as “Broken” which is a simplistic song that gets it just right. “Easier to Be” is a song that shows just why this CD is so good, just basic melodies and lyrics that you can’t help but enjoy listening to; if any further proof is needed see the songs “Make Me Over” and “Mesmerized.”


Timbaland “Shock Value”

– No matter how many times I play this album I can’t help but tapping my feet and turning the volume up a little louder. This is Hip-Hop; it’s so hard anymore to find feel-good rap albums that are truly classics. The combination of artists on this CD is spectacular, Justin Timberlake with Nelly Furtado are spectacular in “Give It To Me.” The song “Bounce” featuring Dr. Dre and Missy Elliot is simply amazing. “The Way I Are” is an incredible song that never loses its flavor even after the radio attempted to bastardize it. “Kill Yourself” is sadistically wonderful and probably one of my favorites. The OneRepublic song “Apologize” had a huge jumpstart on this album. The songs with the Hives and She Wants Revenge are very unique and really fun to listen to. I can’t help but loving the song with Fall Out Boy specially with a classy chorus like “wipe that smile off your f*cking face…”


Jimmy Eat World “Chase This Light”

– I don’t even know where to start on this album…its fantastic. Its simply pure, enjoyable music that I am excited to hear every time I put the album on. I have always like J.E.W. and played “Bleed America” in high school till everyone around me wanted to kill me. Every song on this album is fantastic. The album as a whole has a great combination of a light punk sound with a pop-like influence. Songs like “Always Be” , “Feeling Lucky”, and “Here it Goes” are music just the way I like it. I was instantly drawn to the song ” Gotta be Somebody’s Blues”, its simply amazing and a good shift in tempo for the album. This album defiantly showed how mainstream rock can be done right and other artists should pay close attention.


Miranda Lambert “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

-If I were to ever question my reasoning for listening to country music (which I won’t ever)…this is the kind of album that would remind me why I do. I was not sure if she could follow up her last album “Kerosene”, which I will vouch as one of the best modern country albums, but this album passed with flying colors. This girl is epic country at its true best; catchy songs with a little sass and soul. Miranda’s voice is such a joy listen to and she really uses it to portray a certain feeling to each of her songs. Songs on this album like “Famous in a Small Town” are why I will forever enjoy the country genre, simply incredible. “Gunpowder and Lead” is hilarious and is classic country. My Favorite track is probably “Desperation”, which is lyrically and musically as good as it gets. This is the only country album on my list and really deserves it, fantastic.


The Fratellis “Costello Music”

-Its not often you will here music like this anymore sadly…very refreshing album. The Fratellis garage-band and indie styling is really enjoyable to listen to. From the bands very popular “Flathead”, featured on an Apple commercial, to some very different songs like “Ol Black n’ Blue Eyes”….the Fratellis debut album is outstanding. I feel that this band could be very big and really deserves more public attention. Songs like “Whistle for The Choir” and “Creepin up the Backstairs” are some of the better songs I have heard in awhile. Great Album, great band, very interested to hear more in next few years.


Radiohead “In Rainbows”

-I originally had this album a lot higher on this list…but it was brought down to my dismay. This album may sit at number five….but it’s truly one of the better albums in years. Every song takes you on a different trip through musical and lyrical perfection that only Radiohead can bring. The album progresses from seemingly upbeat songs like “Bodysnatchers”, arguably one of my more favorites on the album, to truly wonderfully harmonious songs like “All I need” and “House of Cards”; the latter two probably being some of my favorite songs in the last several years. Album may be a little different for some of the diehard Radiohead fans, but I think its truly amazing……listen to “Jigsaw Falling into Place” kids…trust me.


Paramore “Riot!”

-I bet that not many of you were expecting this one; I sure wasn’t. So why is this album number 4….um…. its pop/punk rock done so well that I was found speechless after listening to it. Not many bands that attempts an album like this have such a perfect blend of musical composition, every guitar solo…every change in the drums…every lyrical progression is dead on…I am not joking… its perfect. Add to that lyrics that simply are drilled into your head and a voice like Hayley Williams, who I thought had a simple voice until a song like ” When it Rains” or ” We are Broken” came on, and you get something that is simply great. If you can’t tell already, I really took a liking to this album…I simply can’t stop playing it. With so many women leading rock bands recently, it’s so refreshing to see one that really does it right. Congratulations Paramore and congratulations world for popular music that is actually good.


Maylene and the Sons of Disaster “II”

– If there is some sort of metal or rock god out there…the messiah has come to save us. This album has so much power, so much aggression, so much ….well just plain “in-your-face” rock. I imagine that if guitars could sleep, they would dream of being played like they were on this album. Right from the start with “Memories of the Grove”, Maylene hits you hard and doesn’t stop until the last track is over. This album makes you want to bang your head, drive faster, and find someone to punch……its fantastically refreshing. I am not the dearest fan of harder rock and usually only take it in small doses, not with this one. This is southern rock at its finest….even on softer songs like the last two on the album, this band’s talent shines. Buy this album….buy it … put it in and turn the volume to 11.


Ryan Adams “Easy Tiger”

-Welcome everyone to good music down to a science. Upon first getting into Ryan Adams, I felt as if I was turning into my father…Ryan Adams has a similar sound to country influenced music of the 70’s with a very unique twist added in occasionally. I now find myself consumed by this album; it literally has changed my view on all music. This album is filled with pure songs like “Goodnight Rose”, “Everybody Knows”, The Sun Also Sets” , and so many others that are such enjoyably melodies to listen to. Ryan Adams’ voice combined with old fashioned lyrics make this album a true classic and one that I can’t wait to hear every time I play it. Everyone that respects real music should have this album and also the “Follow the Lights” album with the Cardinals.


Josh Ritter “The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter”

I am going to quickly take a moment and pause so that you may go purchase and listen to this album…literally…do it now………ok….. u got it?…..goood….. I am not sure really how to describe this album….so I’ll give an example…it’s kind of like if our world was to be adducted by aliens who wanted some proof that the human existence was worth sparing…you would give them this CD; and we would be saved. It’s truly a stunningly beautiful collection of songs that have certain hints of Elton John at times mixed with a little country, some blues, and even a little Keith Green occasionally. You don’t hear songs of this type much in the last several decades. This album at first found its way in the middle of the list, but after listening to it more and more, I realized that she was the one. So there it is, my top album of the year….many will disagree…but then again…..most people are wrong so….


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